Useful Guides While Washing the Top Coats

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How do I use the automatic wash for the wash and wear suits? Here are some guides which can be useful for you. In this article you will find some tips on how to clean the stains on the top coats. IF A TUMBLE DRYER IS USED for these suits it should be set at low to medium (140-160? F.). Tumble for twenty to forty minutes, using the "wash-and-wear" cycle if you have it. Remove the suit immediately at the end of the drying cycle and put it on hangers. Best results with dryers have been obtained in those of an exhaust or vented Canada Goose 4565L type that have a cooling period during the last part of the cycle. In any case, high temperatures are to be avoided.TO DRIP DRY "AUTOMATIC SUITS they may be taken out before the final spin, or they may be hand washed and allowed to drip dry. Smooth the collars, cuffs, lapels, and seams while the garments are wet. If pressing ultimately becomes necessary use a steam or dry iron, set for rayon, and a damp press cloth.SUCH SUITS ARE DRY CLEANABLE TOO, and this is advised if they accumulate stubborn stains or soil. Tell your dry cleaner what the material is.EVEN TOPCOATS OF THE NEW FIBERS can go into the washing machine today. If the maker's tag says your 100 per cent Orion or nylon fleece coat is washable it means just that. Whether you wash the coat by hand or machine the general instructions are the same. Pretreat spots and stains; use plenty of warm water with a strong detergent, or soap with a water softener; no twisting or wringing, and give a thorough rinsing. Take it dripping wet from the last rinse water and put it on a strong hanger to dry.If you use a machine, use the highest water level possible and a low temperature setting (100? R). Wash the coat for five to seven minutes. Remove it before the water extraction cycle begins and let it drip dry.FOR MACHINE DRYING let the coat go through the complete wash cycle to remove excess water, or if it has been hand washed, let it drip until most of the water has been removed. Then place the coat in the dryer at the lowest temperature setting available and let it tumble until it reaches the damp dry stage. Then remove it immediately and put it on a hanger. Shape the collar, cuffs, and seams.SOILED NYLON AND ORLON COATS can also be dry cleaned, and this is advised for those that have acquired severe soil or stains.VERY TOUGH AND DURABLE WEAVES are being produced today by combining Dacron and Orion fibers with rayon. These materials are acid-resistant, shrinkproof and colorfast, and they wash ready to wear. Among clothing made of them are smart looking uniforms for gas station attendants. If washing instructions were not given, use this procedure recommended by the Du Pont Company: after pretreating spots and areas of severe soil, put them into the washing machine at a temperature setting higher than that recommended for most synthetics (120? F.) and wash them with a heavy duty soap. Du Pont textile experts say that soap, in their opinion, does a better job on grease stains.Topcoats can go to washing machine. Before putting them in the washing machine, we need to pretreat spots and stains; use plenty of warm water with a strong detergent, or soap with a water softener. Use the lowest temperature while drying the coats in the drying machine. Pre-treating oil and grease stains with a solvent, and applying detergent paste to especially soiled areas, wash using strong detergent or soap with softener. If you are using tumble dryer, you can set at a low to medium.

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