Trying To Lose Weight? Keep Away From The White Stuff!

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The thought of sinking your teeth into a large slice of warm, crusty bread is great, isn't it? As you do so, you wonder if it's really doing you any good? It tastes good so it must be doing me good - perhaps not.White bread is one of the causes of the current worldwide obesity epidemic. We are all eating far too much white bread.So what on earth can be wrong with white bread? It's not the bread itself, but what goes into it. White refined flour is the problem. The clue is in the name - 'refined'. Refined means that all the goodness has been extracted. All the essential minerals and fiber have gone. They've all been refined away. What is left is of very little nutritional value. A slice of bread may taste good, but it's not doing you much good - apart from keeping your jaws active.The fact that white bread contains white flour means that it is no longer behaves like a complex carbohydrate like wholemeal bread, for example. It is more of a simple carbohydrate, like sugar. Canada Goose Canada It has a high glycaemic index which means that it encourages your body to produce insulin which in turn increases your appetite. You could say that white bread actually makes you hungry!Another problem with white bread, burger buns and bagels is that they contain huge amounts of salt. We get nearly 25% of our daily salt intake from bread. Daily levels of salt intake have risen to an average of nearly 12g, and the recommended daily allowance is 4g.A depressing fact is that too many of us get a large proportion of our daily energy intake from white bread.A high level of salt is not good for us for a number of reasons. First, it encourages your body to retain too much fluid. This in turn causes high blood pressure, bloating and a significantly increased risk of stroke and heart disease. It also causes you to be thirsty and all too often we answer the call for liquid with food. The result is obvious - weight gain.The best thing to do is to get into the habit - the slim habit, of not eating white bread. Eat bread if you have to, but not white. If you keep to the slim habit of not eating bread, it will help you to lose weight, and that's got to be good!

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