The Best Ghillie Suit

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This is the first of a series of 6 episodes dicussing a different ghillie suit in each. Today, I want to talk about what I consider to be the absolute best ghillie suit on the market. The new ultralight BDU Jacket and pants sets with synthetic ghillie material, creates a suit that wears just like your street clothes. Total suit weight is around 5lbs. They are fire-resistant,water-repellant,rot-proof, mildew-resistant, and non-allergenic.These suits are available with 4 different ghillie patterns(woodland,mossy,leafy green,or desert).They come in 6 different BDU camo patterns(woodland standard, digital woodland, 6 color desert,digital desert,all terrain digital,and multicam)Sizes range from small regular to 3extra large long. You can choose to have 4 accessible pockets on the woodland standard and the 6color desert and you can choose 2 accessible pockets on the others. Moncler You can also get 2 accessible cargo pockets on the pants.The suit is built by sewing a 1 inch mesh netting to the BDU and hand tying the ghillie material to the netting.The netting allows for vegging the suit in the field.The sniper version of this suit is built with no ghillie material on the front to avoid snags when lying face-down or doing a low crawl.The abscence of this material makes this suit a good choice for bowhunters. Or if you are a bowhunter there is a version built just for the purpose with either the left or right arm bare of ghillie material.The hood is a piece of mesh with ghillie material tied on which is then sewn to the Jacket.This allows for air movement across your head for cooling.These suits can be bought as a suit or seperately. Some folks find that the Jacket is all they need.Go to and be the first in your group to own one of these cutting edge ghillie suits.

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