Science Projects on Fabrics That Keep You Warm

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We know that darker colors absorb heat more readily than lighter colors. The type of Moncler Store fabric used in clothing also determines how warm it will keep you. Thicker fabrics such as wool and polyester will keep you warmer and are more typically used in jackets than thinner material such as silk or satin. If you need a topic for a science fair project, you could experiment with different types of fabric and how warm they get. Which Is the Hottest?Choose four different types of fabric to compare for heat absorbency. Examples of fabric that could be used include silk, satin, velvet, wool and cotton. Find a sunny location to conduct the experiment. Lay a square of each fabric type on the ground and wrap a thermometer in the fabric. Record the temperature at the beginning of the trial for Moncler Men down grey Jacket each fabric and then observe the thermometers again after twenty minutes. Determine whether the fabric type affected the temperature.What Keeps Your Drink Cool?Fill three glasses with ice water and tightly wrap each with a different type of fabric. Place a thermometer in each glass and record the temperatures. Let the glasses sit for fifteen minutes and record the temperatures again. If there were no significant differences, then let them sit for another fifteen minutes and record the temperatures once more. Draw a conclusion as to why the water warmed at different rates.Which Fabric Dries First?Cut four squares of fabric that are equal in size but made of different material. Dip each square in a bowl of water for 1 minute and then remove them. Gently squeeze and hang them on a line with a clothespin to dry. Check the moistness of each cloth every five minutes to determine which type of fabric Moncler Men himalaya black down Jacket dries first.What Is Your Jacket Made Of?Go on a hunt for jackets in your house and make a tally chart of all the fabrics that all of the jackets are made of. Create a graph of the types of fabric used. Hypothesize why you think one type of fabric may be used more or for different purposes than others.

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