Make Schools Safer - Door Protectors and Hand Rails Now

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Schools are supposed to be a safe haven for our children where they can learn and socialise in peace without fear of injury or upset. And whilst the government, education officials and parents campaign tirelessly against better teachers and to stop bullying, very little is done about the actual physical state of the school building. Recently we have seen children injured after parts of the roof collapsed at their school, or heavy doors have shut on their joints and fingers. In may this year fourteen children were injured when part of a 30 year old roof collapsed during an exam. In total 157 children were in the room as well as invigilators, so the damage could have been much greater. This has highlighted the need to address the school's buildings themselves and as such over the summer and Christmas holidays, schools around Britain are carrying out essential maintenance work to ensure the safety of the children once they return to school.Some of the smaller renovation and maintenance work that fails to be completed regularly can be the most harmful to children, as they put danger in their path every day. High School Superstar - College Nobody The high school superstar athlete who has received every award, Rosetta Stone Italian all the praise from fans and admirers and hangers-on now has to live up to all of the hype and produce at the college level. Many great high school players sometimes do not make the transition to college superstar status. In high school, many of these superstar athletes were the best on their high school teams, they showed great athletic ability, superior athletic skills and, at game time, no one could compete with them. Obama Makes Going Back to School Easier For Moms Have you heard that Obama is encouraging moms to go back to school? He has made it a top priority to make mothers see that it is entirely possible to get a college education while still raising your family properly. He has even increased the amount of the Pell Grant which is highly useful for moms as a source of educational funding. The grant is now worth over $5000. HVAC Schools - How to Find the Best School HVAC means heating, ventilation and air conditioning. In all buildings there is need for all three elements. To maintain and install the HVAC systems you will need to have specialized knowledge as well as proper training on the systems. School Shouldn't Be For Hard Knocks The first day of school is often bittersweet for the parents of a small child. Whether they are moved by just how much their little one has grown, anxious about leaving their son or daughter in the care of another, or delighted that they can finally return to work, it is a moment of great import. When a mother and father choose a preschool or weigh the various kindergarten options that are available in their area, they will carefully consider a number of factors. But without a doubt, the most significant requirement will be the belief that the newest pupil will be safe during the time at school. Sadly, this trust is often violated.Ensuring that hand rails are attached at the side of staircases may seem like common sense however a number of schools I have visited have inefficient hand rails or no support at all. At busy times of the day this can lead to trampling and accidents as smaller children are pushed under the feet of their fellow students.Also necessary but rarely implemented is door protection. Whilst these have the primary objective of protecting the surface, edge and corners of the doors themselves, the knock on effects are significant for school children. Schools are busy places and there is a relatively high amount of traffic moving through the doors every day. This means that damage can occur to the doors creating sharp corners and splinters. While we might expect our children to come home from playing out with cuts, grazes and splinters, they are injuries that we do not expect our child to come home from school with. Door protector materials can heavily reduce the amount of minor injuries school children suffer from on a regular basis.These are just some basic improvements that every school should make. It is vital that they remain on top of building maintenance and replace any materials that are less effective due to old age or hard usage. Government regulation needs to step up during inspection times to include any physical problems a school may have and force them to fix these before granting them a complete inspection. If you know of any children who are put in danger because of poorly kept school buildings, make it a point to ask the school to maintain their buildings better and get other parents behind you. This is the only way schools will sit up and listen.

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