How to Keep My Life on Purpose - Visioning

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A lot of people today are searching for ways to provide additional streams of income for their families, perhaps they have lost their job and are looking for any stream of income, or they are exploring different fields of endeavor .... but have become somewhat paralyzed in their search!?They feel like they have lost control of their lives and are extremely unhappy.?Does this sound familiar??I would like to relate some of the things in my life that I constantly work on to help me achieve my goals.?My greatest satisfaction and happiness seems to come when I am living and working on purpose.?"And how do you live on purpose?" I can hear you asking.?Well, I think it comes from having a plan and working on that plan in a reasonably consistent manner so that your life is not lived by accident or happenstance.?Since I think all of us want to lead a happy and fulfilled life, I often share the four steps I use to keep my life on purpose.?Here's what those four steps are: Visioning, Planning, Execution and Reviewing.?Now before I talk about each of these steps, I would also like to mention that this is a daily process that I use, not just something I do once and then forget it.?I work at this every single day.?As a matter of fact, I once did this for 467 consecutive days without missing a one.?So here's how I start my visioning or as some people might want to call it, daydreaming.?I like to go to a quiet place, get comfortable in a nice chair, close my eyes and stop all my mind "chatter."?Now the first three things are pretty easy to do but stopping all the mind chatter? ... What is the Meaning of Life - What is Your True Purpose? Everyone or almost everyone has asked themselves at one point or another about the questions of life. Why are we here? What is my purpose in life? In what way am I supposed to live my life? Knowing Your Life Purpose Will Benefit You! Learn how knowing your life's purpose can benefit you. Discover how a simple proven program can dramatically change your overall perception and happiness. How to Lead a Purpose Driven Life Canada Goose Expedition We often elude discovering what exactly a purpose driven life is! We often ask "What I am here for?" Who am I?" and "Where do I come from?" All these instant queries come naturally in our mind. We often try to find their answers but how many of us could do that practically? Key Benefits of Living a Purpose Filled Life Living a purpose filled life has a lot of benefits. It gives a meaning to everything you do. Your life purpose not only gives you meaning but it also gives you clear direction of where to go in life. It helps you make big decisions in life. People who cannot find their life purpose cannot have a strong foundation upon which they can lay their decisions.not so much!?That's a tough one.?When I first started doing this back in 1991, I couldn't get my mind to stop at all.?Now, after 17 years of constant and continuous work and practice, I'm pretty good at it.?However, I have to make it a priority for me or it just doesn't happen.?So what do I do??Well, first I get up real, real early while the rest of the tribe is still resting their pretty little heads on their pillows.?At the same time each morning, I get up and go down to my same favorite chair in the family room, put my same favorite afghan over me, close my eyes and begin to focus on my breathing. Slowly but surely, by focusing on my breathing, my mind chatter slows down and on good days, it actually even stops.?That's not a good day ... that's a great day!?Because what happens next is magical!?I start getting what I like to call "messages from the Universe."?These are ideas that start popping into my head and almost always they are concerning some challenge I am facing at that moment in my life.?Now, let me pause for a moment.?I make a conscious decision not to interject religion into my messages, but I'll tell you one comment I once heard from a religious leader that has had tremendous influence on my life.?In 1982, I heard Rev. Robert Schuller from the Chrystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA (he's the guy on TV) say, "You never have a money problem, you've only got an idea problem!"?Now when I heard that, my first thought was to blow this guy off because I was in the middle what I thought was a huge money crisis.?I needed $9,648 dollars in 3 days or the IRS was going to padlock my doors.?"That may apply to the Reverend, but he doesn't know my problems" was my answer. However, since I wasn't getting anywhere with my own solutions, I decided to give his a try.?Since my life seemed to be in chaos at the time, I went to the only place that I knew would be quiet, the library.?I started writing down every idea I could come up with.?I set a goal of 25 ideas before I could leave, and I stuck to it.?It took me three hours to come up with the 25 and to be honest, some of them were pretty whacky ... but I got my 25.?Then I picked out my top three and made the decision to commit to them.?One of them was to contact a customer I knew who had money and see if he would loan me some.?Now here's the interesting part.?That night at 10:30 PM, I had a different person who knew me, but certainly I can't say we were friends, walk into my restaurant just before I was going to close.?He said I looked pretty tired and haggard I didn't seem to be my normal cheery self.?I told him I was wrestling with the IRS and I thought they were about to pin me.?He asked me to sit down and tell him what was going on.?Now he was a retired business owner, he'd owned a fleet of tug boats, and when I finished my story he said he had complete empathy with my story as the same type of thing had happened to him early in his career.?With that, he wrote me out a check for $10,000 on the spot, and we jotted out the terms of his loan on the back of a napkin.?Needless to say, I bought my new best friend, a cocktail.?A BIG cocktail!?So you see, Dr. Schuller had been right.?I didn't have a money problem, I just had an idea problem.?Once I started working on new ideas, my money issue got resolved.?Next day I paid the IRS and three months later I paid back my loan.?Problem solved.?A new idea did it!?So how does that apply to you??Well, if you are having some problems getting your career off the ground, maybe you need some new ideas or some new ways of thinking.?How about this one:?try getting up 1/2 hour earlier than the rest of the family for seven straight days and devote that time to clearing your mind. Stop the self talk that's always going on.?See what pops into that brain of yours.?You'll probably get some new ideas. ?Write them down.??You'll be amazed!

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