How to Clean Deer Skin Leather

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Deerskin leather is softer, more breathable and lighter in weight then cowhide leather. Deerskin leather is a popular choice for shoes, wall hangings, handbags and various other garments and items. Deerskin leather---while durable---can be damaged if not cared for properly. Fortunately, deerskin leather is easy to clean and can withstand repeated wettings and dryings without causing harm to the item. Deerskin leather will bring a lifetime of use if maintained and cared for properly. UGG Boots SinkWooliteWashing machineDryerOld, clean sneakersSuggest EditsHand Washing Deerskin Leather1Fill a sink with cool water.2Add Woolite or mild dish soap to the water. Swish the contents with your hand to mix thoroughly.3Submerge the deerskin leather in the cool water. Gently agitate---mimicking the movements of a washer---the leather and water together.4Drain the water from the sink. Squeeze---do not twist---the water from the deerskin leather.5Allow the deerskin leather to air dry.Washing Deerskin in a Washing Machine1Set the washer on the gentle cycle and allow it to begin to fill with cool water.2Add Woolite to the water.3Place the deerskin leather inside the washing machine. Do not add garments with the deerskin that has colors that could bleed.4Allow the washing machine to run through a complete cycle.5Place the deerskin leather inside the dryer with a pair of clean, old sneakers. Set the dryer on the air cycle and allow to complete a full cycle.

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